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1949 Cadillac

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I restored this 1949 Cadillac two door fast back in the driveway of my home in Grove, Oklahoma 1987-1990.

When the Cadillac was finished it was probably the best car restoration I've ever done, or will ever do. A quick story.

The car was setting in my driveway with a For Sale sign on it during the annual Pelican Festival in Grove, Oklahoma (the biggest event of the year, tourists everywhere). A fellow came to the door and asked what I wanted for the Cadillac. I said, "Sixteen". He said well, he'd have to talk it over with his wife, that they were going over to the local Village Kitchen restaurant for breakfast, and he'd let me know. About an hour later he showed up on the front door step and said his wife had given him the O.K. and that he wanted to buy it. I said, "Good. You won't go wrong. It's a good buy, but I won't take any checks. It has to be cash." He said, "Oh I have the cash." I, in astonishment, asked, "You mean you carry around $16,000 around in your pocket?"

He said, "$16,000!?!! I thought you meant $1,600!" I replied, "You must be from another planet. I have $3,700 just in the chrome plating."