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1952-1955 Cushman 1955-1956 The Pisser 1960-1961 First Vincent Racer
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2003-2003 The Copycat

1990-1996 Black Lightning Replica

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The Black Lightning Replica I built was again a labor of love, and took years to scrounge up all the parts. It was a "bitsa" bike, the engine coming from British Only. The engine cost was, if I recall, $2500. The chassis came from Argentina. The brake backing plates came from Rebel's Shadow which I later bought.

I'd bought two sets of Lightning carburetors from a gal in Michigan. One set went on my Lightning look-a-like, the other set I sold to Somer Hooker. I think he was going to put them on a real Lightning.

Anyway the project was completed, the bike looked good and ran great. Again I never raced the bike.

Another one of my bikes lost in the partnership mess of 1999.

Worthy of note are the number plates on my Grey Flash replica and on my Black Lightning replica. There were getting to be too many bikes with my number "52", so I decided to just go up a number with each new racer. The number on the Black Lightning replica became "53" and the number on the Grey Flash replica became "54".